Call for Participation

I couldn't stop looking into those enigmatic eyes. We were sitting next to the bar, facing the dancing floor. The party kept ongoing heavily as this was the last segment of the Mediterranean bachelor cruise, from Nice to Barcelona, and the dream-trip for those youngsters was going to end in about 18 hours. I had "e-met" this person the night before when I was hacking the cruiser's database to get the list of all the passengers and their profiles. I was bored. The system was poorly designed and an old exploit granted me access to what I needed. Once inside the system, I noticed that I was not the only person who had the same thought. The message "I was waiting for you." prompted into my terminal. "Who are you?" I asked, as I was curious to know who was the other hacker in this cruise. "My name is 'Z'." the other intruder answer. After a couple of exchanges we set an appointment to meet personally at the cruiser top level club. I had chosen a place full of people for safety reasons. I kept wondering who was this person the entire day. Finally the night arrived and I was sitting in front of 'Z'. "I have a project for you" Z said. "I am not interested" I replied immediately. Z took a small peace of paper out of the pocket and handed it to me: "Maybe this will interest you". There was a six digit number written in it. "What kind of project?" I asked. "First I need you to pass a test" Z answered. I didn't like where things were going, but my curiosity wouldn't let me back-off : "What test?" Z stared at the dance floor, those eyes again, the floor was full of young people chatting and dancing: "I need you to write an algorithm the takes the profile of everyone in this crowd and finds a good match for them. If every one has a match before we arrive to Barcelona, then I will answer any question you have". I felt like the paper in my hand was bursting into flames, it was starting to burn my fingers. The six digits were dancing in my mind. I finished my drink and I answered: "Game On!".

Are you addicted to coding and solving complex problems? Come to the 2nd Annual BSC/UPC HPC Hackathon and test your problem solving skills. In this competition you will be asked to think elegant and efficient solutions for challenging problems. Time will be your most important enemy, as you struggle to solve as many problems as possible in a limited time.

To participate, you will need good coding skills, primarily in C and shell, but knowledge in other programming languages such as C++ and python is recommended. You should also be familiar with version control systems, such as git and mercurial, and have a good knowledge on Unix systems. You will be asked to solve problems in three different topics: GPU Computing, Parallel Programming and Software Security. You will be given access to high-end machines with last generation technology and high speed network. We will also provide you with food and beverages so that you can focus on coding.

The hackathon will take place on Friday November 3rd to Saturday November 4th, at the UPC Campus Nord - Agora Room, from 18h to 12h (18 hours). A jury will evaluate the participants and the winners will take home nice prizes. Among the prizes, there is a last generation high-end gaming GPU offered by NVIDIA and a laptop donated by Intel!


The top participant of the Hackathon will get:
  • 6-months part-time contract to work at BSC (optional).
  • GPU Branch: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 GPU (sponsored by NVIDIA).
  • CPU Branches: Laptop (sponsored by Intel).