Call for Participation

The storm has passed, the island is completely devastated. Tens of people lost their life and hundreds have lost their home. The airport has been closed and roads are full of debris cutting communication between towns and restricting access to hospitals. You look by the window and you see what would be the perfect scenario for a post-apocalyptic movie. What is worse, you know that this is not the end, but just the beginning. The storm destroyed many important power lines and thousands of people find themselves without electricity, including several clinics. You heard in the radio that the authorities are rolling out an aggressive energy saving policy to avoid waste and reach as many citizens as possible. They ask for everybody to contribute in any possible way. The radio is still on and what you hear is just terrifying: ".. recent weather forecast predictions are anticipating a new storm approaching, extensive computer simulations are trying to clarify the magnitude and trajectory of the storm, however energy saving restrictions are limiting that effort.. ". You don't need to hear more, you know how you can help, you take your keys from over the table and think "Let's go!"